What is Co-Packing?

So you’re interested in learning more about the packaging industry, but you’re not sure where to begin your search. For entrepreneurs and companies who do not have the machinery or staff to manufacture their own products, there is the option of co-packing. A co-packer, in summary, is a company that can process and package a product specific to each individual client’s needs. This product is packaged as if the client manufactured it directly.

In order to start your product line, you need to have a product (for instance, a new blend of tea). You may produce this blend on your own, or maybe you already have a supplier. You may not even have a product at all, but you’re researching your options to see which route you should take. At any of these stages, you may approach a co-packer. At Global Tea Solutions, in addition to standard co-packing, we can supply our clients with various blends of tea. A specialized co-packer like Global Tea Solutions offers a unique experience: a one stop shop to both produce the product and package it.

Now that you’ve got your product, you need the packaging to put it in. Someone looking to start their own line would approach a co-packer if they either don’t have the means to obtain their own packaging, or don’t have the machinery to get the product into it. Depending on the size of your line, it’s probably cheaper for you to go through a co-packer, rather than invest in your own machinery (and the space to house said machinery).

If you already have your product and are just looking for packaging, a co-packer like GTS Packaging Solutions is right for you. We can handle virtually all tea, coffee, and herbs, and have also worked with dry food packing, cosmetics, healthcare products, and more. We can design, develop, and manufacture your line, which helps to avoid a lot of complicated steps on the client’s end.

Co-packing opens up opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses who would otherwise not have the means to get their product on shelf, and helps larger companies to save money when outsourcing certain materials is cheaper for them. This service enables you, the client, to create your own product line without investing in costly machinery, more housing space, and additional staff.

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