8 Awesome Package Designs

1. Hangerpak

Hangerpak 1Hangerpak 2

This new way of sending clothing by mail is environmentally friendly and innovative! After opening, the package can be transformed into a clothes hanger for your newly purchased shirt. It’s also made from 80% recycled material, and the only part of the box that isn’t used for the hanger is the tear-away tab.

2. Altaz CF6 Stylus

Altaz CF6 Stylus

This package can be transformed into a handy holder for your new stylus!

3. Jooze


A creative look with a simple message; the design of each of these juice boxes is inspired by its contents. Aesthetically pleasing for adults, and easy to understand for toddlers.

4. Togo Burger

togo burger

Togo Burger reinvents the carryout experience. This compact design makes it easier to transport food on the go.

5. Panasonic Earbuds


A simple spin on traditional packaging; a simple repositioning of the earbuds makes this presentation really stand out.

6. Cosmonaut Wide-Grip Stylus for Touchscreens


Visually appealing inside and out. Cosmonaut is designed to feel like a dry erase marker.

7. Butter! Better!

butter better

“Butter Better is an innovative take on portable butter. Each container has a built-in knife that eliminates the hassle of bringing your own cutlery.”

8. Teapee


Beautiful packaging for pyramid bag teas. The design around the base is a pull tab which opens up the box.

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