The Fastest Way to Create 3D Mockups!

This week, we’re going to show you a handy trick our digital artists use to bring their design for packaging ideas to life. We’ll show you the fastest, easiest way to turn something like this:


Into this:


We could take our designs, piece by piece, and create our mockup from scratch. Sometimes that’s even necessary in order to maintain full control of your package mockup’s end result. It doesn’t hurt to give this method a shot though, since all it requires is a quick download, and the click of a button!

Start by visiting The bag used in the example above is BAG003. Download it. This is called a Photoshop Action. You’ll have to install it before using it, but don’t worry, it’s not hard. First, open the .zip file you just downloaded. You’ll see one file inside, with the .atn extension. Double click the file. That’s it! In Photoshop, go to Window > Actions, and you should see it listed. You may need to restart Photoshop if you already had it open. Don’t see it? Go here for answers.

Next, you’re going to want to get the 2D version of your design together. The template provided with the action requires an image that is 7872 x 6072 pixels. You can scale yours down, of course, just make sure it’s at least that big when you’re designing.

Once you’re done your design, in your actions menu, highlight ‘STEP 1 — Prepare Template.’ Click the play button down at the bottom of the actions panel; this will automatically create a new document with the right specs. Photoshop will run through some steps for you; wait for it to finish (it may take a while).

Once it’s done running, the top layer of the template will tell you to paste in your artwork and size it accordingly. Paste it straight over top, like so (we’ve made it transparent so you can see what we mean; no need to do so in your document):


Once you’ve done that, highlight ‘STEP 2 — Add Color!’ Again, hit the play button, and wait for Photoshop to run through the actions. Photoshop will make another document, so if you don’t like the result, you can go back to the other document and try again. Our finished result had one error: one of the layers was out of order and we had a bright spot on the left side of the bag. It’s an easy fix. Find the layer named ‘bag side gradient.’ Drag that layer to be above the layer that is above it currently (‘bag side triangle’). That should do it!

Save your file, and you’re done! Here’s the finished result for you again!


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