How Consumer Packaged Goods Look In 2019

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© 2017 BLOOMBERG FINANCE LP, Oui brand French style yogurt

While consumers anticipate the latest food trends in the new year; how food is packaged and presented is important as well. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) trends for 2019 will help shape food shopping habits, purchases and consumption. From transparent packaging to seaweed delivery systems, food packaging gives consumers gifts in 2019 with ever-evolving new technologies, innovations and products.

Shoppers are exploring new packaging alternatives like edible fruit straws or the simple return to more familiar packaging options like glass and transparent containers. While consumers may not always consider the “how” of food packaging, 2019 looks to be a year when packaging is a focus. As CPG moves into 2019, innovation and practicality will work together to create packaging that is more appealing, functional and sustainable.


In 2019, a continued transparency in food packaging is seen as trending again. Going beyond just the listed ingredients on the label, consumers also want to see the physical product before purchase. Yogurt maker Yoplait took the yogurt market by storm with its Ouiglass yogurt containers showcasing their product in a return to simple glass containers. That trend toward clear glass, plastic containers  or transparent window packaging will be big in 2019’s CPG.

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