More Than a Product, An Experience



“Packaging often brings to mind the Amazon-esque cardboard box, but this picture is fast changing. For small businesses, plain packaging represents a wasted opportunity to get your brand narrative out in front of consumers.

Custom branded packaging delivers a lasting impression to customers. It shows that you offer a premium experience, not just a product. Particularly for eCommerce companies, a great unboxing increases your interaction time with customers. This provides a critical window in which to build long-term loyalty to your brand. The power of social media has been the big instigator here. Grabbing attention on those endless newsfeeds is challenging. It requires creating a pitch for your brand’s ethos in a single image. You need to present a concise visual to your customer that explains why they should choose you over competitors. With 40% of consumers likely to share purchases on social media if they come in premium packaging, 2019 brings with it the greater recognition of packaging as a powerful marketing tool.

So-called ‘influencer packaging’ can now be seen across regular operations, a term coined from the curated approach to product presentation and packaging used in influencer campaigns. Bespoke gift-wrapping, handwritten notes and gift with purchase are becoming expected by consumers, especially within lifestyle industries such as fashion and cosmetics. The beauty advent calendar craze of the last holiday season is proof of how much consumers are engaging with this approach.

In sum, packaging is now a central tool in the marketing toolkit. It makes yourself memorable to consumers, tells your brand’s story, and increases your credibility – all in the one box. ”

Read full article here

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