9 big trends in packaging design for 2019

Jrink package design

1. Minimalism that lets color shine

Minimalism doesn’t seem to go away and for good reason: more and more brands aim to be transparent and upfront. What better way to do that than through packaging design? With minimalistic packaging, everything non-essential is stripped away and the substance of the object is exposed—a core principle of minimalism that has found a welcoming home in packaging design and lets elements like color and typography really shine.

The act of cutting back to the core essence of something will always be challenging, but equally rewarding. It can turn out to be something that speaks to people from all walks of life through functionality, simple shapes and patterns, communicating their essential message. Even if less is more may have become a cliché, it’s still true as ever and the ideal of simplicity is hard to attain and master. Minimalistic packaging in 2019 will focus on clean and simple designs that let color and typography take center stage—which is incredibly impactful and guaranteed to stand out.



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